Positively Deviant Leadership

Positive leadership enables extraordinarily positive performance by emphasizing what elevates individuals and systems (not only what diminishes them), what goes right (not only what goes wrong), what is life-giving (and what is life-depleting), what is experienced as good (not only what is bad or arduous), what is inspiring (and depressing), and what produces positive deviance (not negative deviance).

Organisations are designed to foster stability, steadiness, and predictable performance. Positive leadership, on the other hand, enables performance that is unexpected, spectacular, and extraordinary—that deviates positively from the norm and fosters high aspirations. It is more than just being inspirational or charismatic—it enables extraordinary performance.

Positive leadership is associated with extraordinarily positive outcomes. Although leaders must constantly address threats, problems, and challenges, positive leaders engender that which is life- giving, elevating, and virtuous.  Four simple science backed strategies result in positively deviant performance:-

  • enabling a positive climate through fostering compassion, forgiveness and gratitude
  • enabling positive relationships through focusing on employee strengths and building teams based on positive energy rather than purely on skills or competences
  • fostering positive communication by encouraging a 6:1 ratio of positive to negative exchanges, a 1:1 balance of enquiry/advocacy and 1:1 focus on self/others
  • enabling meaning by showing how the work has a positive impact on the well-being of others now and in the future, and enabling employees to understand how it connects to their personal values

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