Building Resilience in Children _ Mentone PS May 2018

  1. What a great workshop. Chris is a fantastic facilitator and extremely engaging. So many good tips – not just for building resilience in children, but for everyone.
    We are all continually learning from different experiences and circumstances. Encourage dialogue and be inquisitive, enable problem solving (there are many solutions), praise effort (and highlight that failure is OK), always engage and be present. Be happy and maintain a wonderful community of friends. Thank you Strathmore North PS for providing this workshop.
  2. Last night’s workshop was fantastic. Christine was engaging and entertaining and her presentation was very helpful.
  3. I’m a mother of a child with needs. Being at the ‘building resilience in children’ workshop has empowered me to trust in my child’s abilities and to provide him his independence. I have been molly coddling him and not fully recognising his potentials. Thank you for SNPS for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to learn more about building resilience in our children.
  4. I would like to thank SNPS for organising Chris to come out and present to the parents tonight. There were definitely some great strategies presented that I will be implementing into our family culture at home. I think the best comment was about how “it’s ok for your children to fail, it’s ok for them to experience hurt and frustration, it’s ok for them to have set backs” because all these things happen in the real world, but it is the strategies we teach them to cope with these feelings that will make them be successful.
  5. Thank you for giving as an evening with Chris. She is a fantastic presenter and the 2 hours flew by. She has a great way of helping us see our strengths and weaknesses with our parenting without making us feel bad about ourselves. She uses humour and true life stories to give us an understanding of what our kids need from us and the confidence to let go and let them be who they can be, not necessarily who we think they should be.
  6. In a busy family life it is easier to just do things yourself and you forget how important it is for kids to have a go, get it wrong ( or not perfect) and have to try again, that your way isn’t necessarily the right way and that kids have a voice too. It is important to listen to our kids not with the intend to speak back at them , but to stop and really listen and understand what is going on in their busy lives.
  7. I woke this morning with a calmer sense of my role as a parent acknowledging that I don’t have to get it right all the time, that sometimes I need timeout just like my kids and that I actually really like my kids ( well most of the time) and I need to make the time to enjoy their company.
  8. As an older mother of a strong willed, only child (my daughter is in prep) I found the Resilience Workshop enlightening, interesting and worthwhile. Christine Daicos presented the information in an insightful, entertaining and humorous manner with relatable examples and interesting stories. Given my age and generation it was pleasing, in some aspects, that I was doing (a few) things right in order to assist and support my child in dealing with the ups and downs she encounters as she grows. The workshop also enforced the things that I could and should be doing in order to understand her needs and wants better. In gaining some new ideas and a different perspective I endeavour to establish a more open communication process with my daughter and take a different approach on many aspects of how I deal with ‘her’ difficult situations as they arise and engage with her more positively about how she navigates the hurdles she encounters.Whilst I was initially sceptic about attending in light of so many programs and workshops these days being politically correct and touchy feely this workshop was a refreshing change and well worth attending.
  9. Thank you so much to SNPS for inviting Chris Daicos to discuss resilience. For those parents who missed out, you should track her down! Or at least, read her presentation. Being there last night was really worthwhile, not only for the content but also the presentation style, the laughs, relatable examples and interaction with other parents. I took a lot out of the session, but a few things have really struck me
  10. The most important thing we can do is support our children to make friends and build a love of learning at school.
  11. To become good problem solvers, I need to allow my children time to do things for themselves, be free of parent interruption and allow them to fail (skin their knees!) and try again. If they can do something for themselves, we need to let them do it.
  12. With our two (often distracted!) boys, I’ve been guilty of helping them along at times, just to get us all out the door or fed, or whatever it may be! That’s not going to happen anymore.
  13. Be realistic and acknowledge the progress and the process towards social competence and independence, little steps at a time. As a parent to twins, the social competence challenge is amplified as they always have a best friend by their side and are less inclined or confident establishing individual friendships. Encouraging opportunities for friendships to form and grow is important and it’s not too late to start. 
  14. All emotions are important and we need to give children the skills and tools to self-express, manage and regulate. I will be looking for opportunities to calmly discuss alternatives to undesirable behaviours with my children.
  15. If I want my children to be empathic, I need to consistently demonstrate empathy to them – actively listening and not talking over them when they argue with me will be a good start! I loved the idea that what might seem to be a little thing to me is a big deal to them.
  16. I’m so glad the school presented this talk at this stage in our lives, right when we were beginning to wonder how to parent during increasingly challenging moments. It has given me the confidence to make a few small changes that will make a big difference to my three children and our family. It started today with all three children getting ready, making their own breakfast, packing their school bags and carrying their backpacks all the way as we walked to school. We were late…but that’s another story!
  17. Christine Daicos gave the parents an interesting and entertaining presentation based on reality checks, humour, animated examples and worthwhile tips and strategies to try out when we are home. Thank you Christine… have you ever thought of stand up comedy (just a thought 🙂 )

Developing a Growth Mindset in Children

I found Chris’ workshop extremely insightful.  It provided fantastic, practical techniques for supporting children with goal setting, navigating failure, effort and taking risks.  I also valued the commentary around giving praise … although according to my 8 yr, my technique needs work. Thanks to the school for facilitating such an informative and helpful session.

Fiona Webb

I found the advice Chris Daicos shared at the Growth Mindset workshop really thought provoking and at the same time very practical. The key take-out for me was the importance of praising effort rather than outcomes. I can already see that this approach is resonating in our household.

Deahn Dewar


I initially felt too busy to provide feedback, but I’m challenging my own fixed mindset so here it is!! Chris was a really engaging speaker, who encouraged active listening. It was interesting to consider both of my children and where they sit on the fixed and growth mindset spectrum, recognizing the importance not to compare them but develop unique strategies. Tailoring language and feedback to each child will be challenging but hopefully the rewards will be bountiful. Too often when asked what parents hopes are for their children we hear “I just want them to be healthy and happy” but my hope is that they are “healthy and resilient”, they don’t need to be happy all the time. Thanks to the St Mary’s teachers for demonstrating commitment not only to our children’s education but also the education of parents. Recognition of the strength of parent teacher relationships is evident at evenings like these. Thank you.


St Mary’s PS Malvern East

Building Resilience in Children

 Such a positive, motivational and amazing evening. Chris was engaging and funny whilst being truly honest and helpful in arming our kids, and us as parents, resilience and problem solving skill sets. A wonderful and worthwhile learning opportunity.

Giulia De Vincentis


Lalor Primary School

Building Resilience in Children

“Chris drives a direct message-I loved her.”

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to listen to Chris speak last night. I was blown away by her enthusiasm and insight into kids and their behaviour, and what we can do as parents to help them build resilience. Not only did the theory make perfect sense but I left armed with practical skills to implement easily at home. It was also great to hear from other parents about how they approach things differently. Incredibly worthwhile, I can’t recommend it highly enough. How great that YWPS offers this type of support to parents. Thank you!”

Lucy Cardwell
Prep Teacher
Yarraville West Primary School 

Open To Learning Conversations

Hi Chris


I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did with us on Friday.  The leadership team was extremely energised this morning and we spoke for quite a while about the lessons from Friday.

I will keep the fire burning over the next few months so that when we meet again, we are ready to go forward.

Again thanks,


Ann Stratford


Mooroolbark College

Open To Learning Conversations

The ‘OTL Model’ has provided me with helpful strategies to be more confident and prepared when dealing with difficult conversations. Chris has provided me with strategies that decrease my anxiety levels through not only what I say, but also by being aware of my body language and what this is saying.


Irene Tsikouris

Foundation team leader

Brandon Park Primary School


Open To Learning Conversations

Chris in her highly engaging and always practical and down-to-earth manner provided us with a framework to have those often difficult conversations with a teacher or staff member in such a way that relationships would remain respectful and trust  enhanced. We were excited by the possibilities of this new learning and know it will ultimately benefit the students in our school.  Thank you Chris for such valuable learning!


Sheryl Chard


Brandon Park Primary School

Open To Learning Conversations

Thank you for having me as your guest at the Courageous Conversations PD today.

I did enjoy your reading of Acknowledgement of Country and may use that style myself when reading something important but something that may be considered “Routine.”

I also very much enjoyed the PD given by Chris Daicos. It has made me reflect about how I often jump to conclusions without being open to consider other possibilities for a certain action by others. What Chris has suggested makes complete sense to me and I will try to follow the steps of the approach – it will require practice, but Chris has modelled the approach beautifully during the PD, and I know what to aim for.

I have tried to cc this email to Chris and hope my research has found her current email address.


Richard Russell

(Grade 4 teacher Kingston Heath Primary school)

Building Professional Learning Teams

Thanks Chris.

Just wanted to pass on the positive feedback I have received as I debriefed with the YLCs today.
Your presentation was so well received – the feedback has been most complimentary.
Thanks again – it has made the last YLC Planning Day I  organise a memorable one.
Ian Crocker
Assistant Principal
St Albans Secondary College

Building Resilience in Children

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your engaging, insightful and hilarious presentations last night. The ideas that you communicated to our staff will support us to focus on our own wellbeing and will have positive effects for those around us, I’m sure. This session was so timely as we are at the beginning of the busiest term of all! The messages that you provided to parents were   invaluable and I too found these particularly important, especially as a Prep teacher.
The feedback from staff and parents today has been overwhelmingly positive. I will collate the written responses and forward these on to you, I am beginning to receive some already!
As we discussed last night, next year it would be great to have the parent session at the beginning of the year, to set up positive habits to support resilience in children. I am discussing this with Carole and Judy and we’re looking at our calendar to lock in some dates. I look forward to working with you again and will be in touch soon to organise this.
Thank you again,
Lucy Cardwell
Prep Teacher
Yarraville West Primary School