Professional Development. These workshops can be modified and adapted for other public and private sector organisations.

My presentations include:

– What is Positive Psychology?
– Using Positive Psychology to Enhance Wellbeing

– Positively Deviant Leadership
– Developing a Performance and Development Culture
– Using Character Strength in the Appraisal Process
– Building Resilience in Children and Adolescents
– Fixed and Growth Mindsets
– The Language of Optimism/ Leadership with an Optimistic Edge
– Anti-Bullying
– Developing Leadership Skills
– Having Challenging Conversations- “Open To Learning Conversations”
– Managing Conflict in the Workplace
– How to Engage Young People in Conversation
– Peer Counselling / Mediation
– Building Professional Learning Teams
– Managing Change – Appreciative Inquiry
– Student Leadership
– Assertiveness Training
– Giving and Receiving Feedback
– Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills

Parenting Education / Seminars

– Building Resilience in Children and Adolescents
– Parenting With a Strengths Based Lens
– Fixed and Growth Mindsets
– Teaching Children the Language of Optimism
– Why Wont They Do As They Are Told?
– Is Your Child a Bully or the Victim of One?
– How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk.
– Is Your Child Ready To Start Prep?
– Are You Ready For ADOLESCENCE??

Coaching for teams and individuals is also available.