Below are some of the kind words people have shared after attending my workshops and training programs.

Thanks again for a fabulous presentation last Friday. I left feeling challenged, encouraged, uplifted and proud to be a teacher. This was definitely one of the best Professional Development sessions I’ve attended in my teaching career.

Hailey Hoey, Pine Rivers State High School


I wanted to wait until I had all the parent comments before I wrote to tell you what a FANTASTIC night we had last Wednesday. As well as the comments in the school newsletter, I have had many parents come and tell me what an impact the night has had on them. Many have asked why it is not a couple of nights? Do you run parent sessions?

Many, many thanks Chris for your time and energy, together with your brilliant knowledge and expertise. (really!!)

Kerri Glowacki Watsonia North PS

Hi Chris,

Ben Vevers here. I was at your workshop yesterday afternoon in Rosebud. I thought it was brilliant. You are such an inspiration with the way you present. Thank you. I have a couple of swamp dwellers I need you to take care of but will save that for a later date!

I have attached a photo of the scene I arrived in this morning. Had to take a shot of it but did not record any of the language used. Lorraine used all her skills and positive self talk to improve the situation.

Thanks again

Ben Vevers Grade 5/6 B Teaching and Learning Mt Eliza, 3930

Hi Chris,

We had some great verbal feedback, and staff here thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and felt they had all come away with some new ways of looking at things. Some that attended felt affirmed, which is also a great thing to hear, and others talked about the workshop helping them to reflect on their own practices. Personally, I liked the humour and anecdotes, and how you scaffolded the points. The presentation made a lot of sense, and challenged a few people I think, particularly in regards to how much they do for their children, and how they try to avoid their children having any failures or learning opportunities.

I have attached a couple of photos from the night.

Thank you once again.

Nichole Russell Health Promotion Officer , Moorabool Shire Council

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation this afternoon. The time just flew !! As I am a teacher aide at St. Finbars, sometimes the topics are not aimed at us, more so to the teachers. But as teacher aides we work with the children that need building up, working out how to deal with conflicts, being resilient and teaching them independence. Sometimes we have to work with the parents on the last !!!

I just loved your smiley face and positive manner. I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way tomorrow.

Thanks again

Joanne Morgan St Finbar’s PS

Just a quick note to thank you for your delivery and presentation on the last day of term. A number of staff quietly came up and thanked me for organising the day. They were very relieved that we had revisited this topic. Interesting to note that they were surprised that others were surprised about why we needed to run such a session.

Again my thanks for your professionalism and insight into this tricky topic. On a personal note, you have given me much to reflect and work on.

Kindest regards

Steve Cook Principal , Box Hill Senior Secondary College

I very much enjoyed the PD given by Chris Daicos. It has made me reflect on how I often jump to conclusions without being open to considering other possibilities for certain action by others. What Chris has suggested makes complete sense to me and I will try to follow the steps of the approach – it will require practice, but Chris has modelled the approach beautifully during the PD, and I know what to aim for.

Richard Russell (Grade 4 teacher), Kingston Heath Primary school

Hi Chris,

The day was brilliant! Loved it!!! It was really empowering for teachers in understanding that they can make a difference. I really liked the way you explained how resilience and confidence cannot be taught, they are an outcome and that resilience and confidence comes from experiencing success.

Amanda McLean , Brighton Primary School

Hi Chris,

Thanks ever so much for your sessions yesterday. It was excellent and very engaging. I have had so much feedback from the group on how good it was. I am hoping to run another session later in the year, perhaps this time with the whole staff.

Kind Regards,

Wendy Eames Business Manager , Somerville Secondary College

What a great way to spend an evening. Not a lecture, but a light-hearted reflection of why kids play up. I saw so much of myself that I have to question myself before I question my children in the future. Rather confronting, but would suggest that in order for my kids to change their attitude, I need to change mine. Now that’s a tough job, but I hope I can make some positive progress and in turn encourage my kids to do the same. I really appreciate that St Leonard’s arranged this evening and recommend that everybody look out for another session anytime in the future.


Patrick Gibbs SAP Lead Consultant , Project Titan: HRPAY@Telstra Project APEX: People Express@Telstra

I laughed so hard and learnt so much. Christine was a very clever and insightful speaker – with excellent suggestions to help parents gain a deeper understanding of why children behave as they do. I enjoyed her positive message and practical suggestions to help parents keep a step ahead, not just be responsive and keep long term goals in mind which benefit all the family.

Kind regards,

Katrina O’Leary, Your Content Goes Here

The 2019 Foundation parent body, having made it (just!) through drop off Number 1, was fortunate to be introduced that morning to the erudite and ebullient Chris Daicos. Demonstrating with clarity and humour our triumphs and, ahem, possible shortcomings, in the course of readying kids for school, Chris’s presentation on building resilience in children offered a refreshing review on how to frame the future, grasp daily opportunities to foster our kids’ social competence and their capacity to problem solve for themselves. The message of how to trust and partner with our teachers and school to achieve that autonomy was heartening. We left armed with a range of tools with which to successfully navigate parenting a primary student for the next seven years.

Amy & Geoff Cowap Montmorency PS, Your Content Goes Here

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